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De Lunes a Domingo de 8:00 am a 10:00 pm
De Lunes a Domingo de 8:00 am a 10:00 pm

Petit Points

Are you already accumulating Petit Points?

You only need to have one account created.




The best way to thank our clients and friends for their company and loyalty.

Accumulate Petit Points on each of your purchases and other actions; then redeem them for your favorite products and other benefits.




Step 1

If you don't have it yet, you just need to create an account. If you already have it, just log in with your username and password.


Step 2

Every time you make a purchase, you will accumulate points automatically. You will receive an email confirming.


Step 3

Redeem your Petit Points for dollars to buy more of your favorite products or get other benefits. 


Step 4

Refer your family and friends. Using your personal link, whoever uses it gets $ 10 free for their first purchase and after buying you also receive $ 10.

Example: you send it to a WhatsApp group and 10 people use it to buy, you receive 10 $ 10 codes to your account.


Ways to earn Petit Points


100 Petit Points to crearning your account.


For each purchase

1 Petit Point for every $ 1 of purchase


For his birthday

150 Petit Points  the day of his birthday.

Please note that the system will take a period of 6 months to validate your birthday, that is, if you meet the day after tomorrow and you sign up today, the system will send your gift Petit Points from the next birthday.


When referring a friend

Share your affiliate link, and with your friend's first purchase (previously created their own account), you both win! 200 Petit Points!



Ways to redeem your Petit Points


Every 20 Petit Points accumulated are equivalent to $ 1 to buy in Petit Paris. Redeem up to 500 Petit Points ($ 25) per purchase.

This redemption requires a minimum purchase of $ 35.


Free Delivery

Convert 70 Petit Points in a free home delivery in Panama City.



Convert 400 Petit Points in a coupon with 25% discount on your entire order.


  • Remember that you must have logged into your account to be able to redeem your Petit Points.
  • Every time you redeem Petit Points a unique discount code is generated that you receive by mail and at the time of redemption. This coupon must be applied by you at checkout.
  • Please note that if you complete your order without having applied the coupon, the system will not allow us to apply it after the order is closed. However, that coupon will remain valid for your next purchase.