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De Lunes a Domingo de 8:00 am a 10:00 pm
De Lunes a Domingo de 8:00 am a 10:00 pm

About us

Petit Paris® began its operations as a bakery that offered hot spot products, with the quality and diversity that characterizes French bakeries.


Its founders, Muriel Rossignol and Loïc Malarbet, originally from France, decide to open the doors of Petit Paris® on December 24, 2007 in Panama City, its main objective being to bring to the community a bakery offer different from the one offered in the country.


 Currently our restaurant operates in Marbella, in the Banking Area, and has been accredited thanks to the great acceptance that the concept and the products have both by the French community of the country, and with the general public, managing to establish Petit Paris®  as a brand with national and international renown thanks to the large influx of clients who are visiting Panama.



Our mission:

Provide products using the best raw materials through processes, both artisanal and technical; preserving the best safety conditions and respecting the environment; mainly seeking to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering quality, nutritional value and presentation alternatives under the unmistakable technique and stamp of French cuisine.



Our vision:

To be a company recognized for its competitiveness and innovation in French cuisine; where sweet and salty come together to discover the flavors, quality and refinement of this mother kitchen. We seek to make our products an option, and our spaces in the place where they should be.